It is an IT-Company building B2B and B2C solutions, currently focused on the Hospitality-Branch.


We developed PEGASER for hotels that want to offer their customers a beautiful and, at the same time, luxurious experience.

Our Goal

Digitalize your service in an optimized and efficient way, leading to a better Customer-Experience.

What motivated us?

Problems we want to solve / Ideas we want to integrate

  • Room-Calls duration

    Usually, a call from the room lasts between 5-10 minutes. It can be longer if the customer is ordering and the order is more extensive than usual or if language barriers occur. Psychological pressure during a call also contributes to longer calls.

  • Waiting times

    Hotels can deal in parallel with as many rooms as there are receptionists available. Traffic and waiting times befall when all the lines are busy. Our statistics revealed that the average waiting time is 2-3 minutes in this case. This could lead to unsatisfied customers and non gathered sales, as many customers could choose not to order when the enthusiasm decreases.

  • Menu & Services

    For 75% of 2000 people who participated in our survey, we asked if it would have made a difference if the menu would have been illustrated with images or made available through an interface. Something like that is not possible in the printed form, as the menu would be extensive. If a product is removed from the menu or an update is needed, it would lead to unprofessional printed menus or a re-print of each menu in every room.

  • Miscommunication

    55% of 2000 participants answered that they did not receive what they ordered at least one time in their life. This happened due to a miscommunication or the language barrier between the receptionist and the customers. Such a situation would have been avoided if the order were placed by the customers electronically. In that case, no misunderstanding would occur, as the customers are responsible for what they require.

  • In-room limitations

    Conventional communication (the telephone) and other modern solutions like tablets are all limited inside the room. If the customer wants to contact the reception outside the hotel, it will not be possible. Such a feature is needed, for example, to have the room cleaned before going inside, to perform pre-ordering, or to have the air-conditioning turned on.

  • Tablets

    Currently, some of the hotels use tablets to increase the customer experience. Many problems are related to tablets. Each room needs at least one tablet. Their lifetime depends on how the customers use them, and with time it gets worse. The hotel must contract the implementation of a system and consider support costs. It can sometimes negatively affect, for example, when tablets battery is down from the previous customers or when chargers are not working.

  • Applications

    A better existing solution is phone applications. But as fancy as it may sound, apps come with multiple problems. Firstly, the app must be implemented, and the hotel should consider the support costs. Through our survey, we found out that 90% of the people would not prefer installing apps, which will be used shortly. When asked about giving personal data (most of the apps in the market require the customer to register himself before using the app), 94% of them would not do such a thing.

Why choose us?

No hardware needed

To get started with PEGASER, you print and publish QR-Codes in each room. PEGASER can then be accessed from your customers using their own devices. No installation, no hardware, and no application download, or registration is needed.

No installation costs

As soon as we agree to integrate PEGASER, we digitalize your hotel without any initial costs.

No support costs

For any inconsistencies or bugs, we help you at any time without additional costs. New features will also be automatically installed, and the staff trained to use them.

Completely anonymous

Your customers will never be asked for any personal data. We never know who uses PEGASER. Your staff interacts and communicates with the "room" where the customer is checked in.


Fixing all the problems listed above, leading to a better customer experience, through
Luxury Digitalization with Efficiency

Some Features


The first page the customers see is the promotions page. They can directly find out about a daily offer, a new product, or places to visit near the hotel. You can easily create/update promotions. You choose what to show first, a photo for visualization, and the text for each language supported in the hotel. Promotions that we support are of two types, internal and external. Internal ones are directly related to the menu products that the customers can order through a single click. External promotions typically link to some URL. No printing, no costs, no waste of time, decide what to promote and do it.

Menu & Services

Every possible menu can be digitalized using PEGASER. The creation process is made easy for you and the ordering process for the customers. They can search, look at the photos, choose and customize the products they want to order. In a few clicks, they place an order, and your staff deals with the following steps.


Using the chat service, you can send direct messages and photos to a checked-in room and the other way around. The language barriers also fall, as the chat service supports automatic translations of the messages. Your staff members can simultaneously communicate with every checked-in room. The customers do not need to be inside the room to use it. They can reach you from everywhere as long as they have access to PEGASER. Everything stays anonymous. The chat service builds a communication channel between the room and the staff members.

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